May 30, 2019 Samurai Ganja Warriors: [Part 2] Game Of Thrones Post-Finale Rantings

[ Spoilers Ahead For Game Of Thrones/A Song Of Ice And Fire ]

This 2-part episode hosted by Sean ( @seaniecory ) covers the book series/HBO show #GameOfThrones following the series finale, and features two die hard show only fans as guests ( Jeremiah + Ken ) who share some insights + theories of their own while Sean ( who has read, watched + invested far too much of his life in this story ) rants for hours about how much better the books are than the show..

The guys smoked a lot of tasty joints ( shouts out to @lowellfarms ) while theorizing about all of the unexplained questions the show "forgot to answer" + create their own better endings to the show/books like Jon Snow talking to actual ghosts... Then they talk about Tyrion winning the melted throne, Sansa being a boss bitch, Ghost getting his well deserved good boy pets, Bran's dick doesn't work + prayers for anybody who happens to encounter an angry/hungry Drogon loose in the wild..

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