March 21, 2019 [Part 2] Best Of #WeTalkSanDiego Year 1

Sean ( @seaniecory ) has been interviewing artists for a year now for the #WeTalkSanDiego podcast on our network, so we made a collection of some of the best moments of the year to highlight + showcase our amazing artists and their thoughts + stories. In our best episode yet, #WeTalk : trusting robots, straw philosophy, the year 2025, what is up with dinosaurs, in-n-out, poops v. farts, and of course everyone's thoughts about Kanye West.

This one is quite a wild ride...

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Big shoutout to Vinyl Junkies Record Shack ( @wearevinyljunkies ) for giving us access to a super dope patio to record most of these podcasts + being so supportive of local artists!